The Mongol Composite bow was the long range weapon of Genghis Khan. The Mongol bow is a recurved composite bow consisting of a wooden core, with horn on the belly (facing the archer) and sinew on the back (away from the archer), all held together with animal glue. The bow is relatively short to facilitate ease of use from horseback. The Mongol bow is renowned for its military effectiveness, as evidenced by the success of Mongol archers on the battlefield. It had a maximum range of 500 meters, and the Mongols were able to target individual soldiers up to 200 meters away. Mongol archers used a wide variety of arrows (such as armor-piercing arrows, wide tipped assault arrows, fire arrows), depending on the target and distance, and would time their shot for when all four of the horse's feet were off the ground, thus enabling a steady, well-aimed shot. The Mongol bow could be fired from a kneeling position during dismounted combat thanks to it's compact size, this offered better control and accuracy.